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PT. Takari Kokoh Sejahtera (“TKS”) is a finance company which was established in 2013. TKS is a very unique joint company which is composed of two shareholders such as PT. Takari Sumber Mulia (TSM) and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Ltd (MUL) in Japan.

TSM has strong business customer base through more than 40 year’s automobile rental business in Indonesia and MUL has responded to increasingly diverse customer needs by expanding into its business domains, centered on lease and finance more than 40 years all over the world.

To serve our clients better, TSM and MUL decided to combine both its expertise into a one-stop-solution for all of your automobile needs through the establishment of TKS.

TKS keeps creating new value and better solution for all of our clients through its various expertise and long experience.

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