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Sale & Leaseback

Sale & Leaseback

Sale & Leaseback

Takari also provide sale & leaseback facility for refinancing, using customer’s existing asset such as vehicles/trucks, passenger cars, etc.

What is Sale & Leaseback Facility?

  • Financing activities in the form of sale of customers’s/debtor’s asset to the Financing Company;
  • Then the Finance Company shall re-lease the goods to the same customer/debtor;
  • Option to purchase goods/assets at the end of the Sale and Leaseback term.

Transaction Procedure and Required Documents

Customers can apply for a Sale and Lease Back Facility to PT Takari Kokoh Sejahtera (TKS) by fulfilling the following requirements documents:

1 Application Form of Financing Facility and signature specimen
2 Personal Identification (example : KTP) for all of Company’s Board of Directors
3 Company’s Establishment Deed and Company’s Article of Association including Approval Letter from Ministry of Law and Human Rights
4 Deed of Company’s latest management composition (Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners) and Approval Letter from Ministry of Law and Human Rights
5 Company’s latest Deed including Company’s Deed adjusting to Regulation Number 40 Year 2007 Regarding Limited Company and Approval Letter from Ministry of Law and Human Rights
6 Tax ID (NPWP), Tax Registration Certificate (SKT), Tax Amnesty Certificate (SKPP)
7 Company’s Registration Certificate (TDP) /Company’s Registration Number (NIB)
8 Company’s Domicile Certificate (SKDP) / Location Permit (from OSS)
9 Company’s Business License (BKPM approval/ SIUP/ SITU/ IUT)
10 Customer’s Statement on Product and Service Information Summary (the form will be provided by Finance Company)


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